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Welcome to Buckaboo Farm, where we specialize in providing you with quality colored egg layers, silkies/satins, and d’Uccles. Our birds can be purchased as hatching eggs, straight run chicks, and started pullets or cockerels. We are located in North Tustin, CA, but can ship to all of the continental United States. Buckaboo Farm was named for my red heeler, Bucky Barnes.  Bucky, aka Buckaboo, saved my life many times.  I have type 1 diabetes, and his job was to let me know when my sugar levels were dangerous.  He was and still is my super hero!  Sadly, Bucky had to find a new home, so we named our farm in honor of him.  Darius Kobe, the most adorable English cream golden retriever ever, is now my diabetic alert dog, and has taken over Bucky’s super hero jobs. 

Buckaboo Farm is happy to announce that we now offer online chicken keeping courses! You can find a ton of information about our chickens and chicken keeping throughout the site, but if you want to become an expert at how to hatch eggs, raising chicks, or caring for adult chickens (coming soon), we highly recommend taking the courses by those names! We receive hundreds of questions from new chicken keepers every month, so have done our very best to offer you all of the information you need right here on the site. If you still have questions please fill out the contact form below, or text Tiffany at 949-922-1373!

Jim and Tiffany, the crazy chicken people behind the scenes at Buckaboo Farm. If you’d like to order please see our shop page. We do not take waitlists, except for DNA tested silkies/satins, but what’s in stock will be updated weekly on our shop page, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

Running a chicken farm involves so much more than just tending chickens! All of our animals here on the farm have a job to do. Angelina is a great pyrenees, who works together with Darius and our other dogs to keep predators away from the yard. The cats, named Cheesy Toes John, Hela (goddess of death to rats), Luthien, and Mr. Darcy, keep disease carrying rodents away! There’s a lot of furry chaos in the Kingsley household and farm, but we sure love all these sweet creatures.

Buckaboo Farm started a few years ago, when my boys and I decided to go to a feed store to “learn” about baby chicks…we were only planning on looking and learning. That same day we came home with 6 baby chicks, and it’s been nothing but chicken math ever since! I collaborate with my fellow crazy chicken lady, Angie, to bring you some colorful and unique chickens. Hopefully this page will be fun and informative, and we’d love to help you on your chicken journey, whether it’s through providing you with information or with beautiful chickens and eggs of your own.

Please enjoy our site and the beauty of these creatures! If you want a look inside our breeding pens check out our Buckaboo Breeding Pens Page. You’ll also learn a bit about chicken feather and color genetics there and in other parts of the site.

Buckaboo Farm is NPIP certified and AI clean. That means we practice strong biosecurity measures and have our birds tested twice a year for salmonella and avian influenza. Rest assured that we spend a LOT of time cleaning our pens and runs, and caring for the chickens! We do not allow farm visits in order to maintain strict biosecurity standards. When you order online and come pick up your birds you will be able to see some of our pens from the walkway, however.

BREEDER’S NOTE: We’re doing our best to keep costs low, but Buckaboo Farm is a small specialty breeding farm, not a large scale hatchery that breeds for quantity over quality. We work very hard to give you quality birds that are unique, healthy, and beautiful. Our prices cannot always compete with large scale hatcheries, but their chickens cannot compete with the beauty and health of ours! Believe it or not, we actually charge a comparable amount or less than what you’d find at a hatchery for some birds (started pullets and opal legbars are a good example if you’d like to compare). Black copper marans and silkies, on the other hand, cost a bit more than what you’d usually find at a hatchery or local feed store. Our prices reflect the quality of our birds and the amount of time, effort, and money it has taken to acquire them and build on their excellence. We understand if we are not the right fit for your chicken needs, and wish you well on your chicken journey if that is the case.

Running a farm like ours involves thousands of hours and dollars of behind the scenes work, like sanitizing brooders, caring for the animals that help protect the farm, building or fixing structures to house the flocks, and giving each individual chicken the love and care they need and deserve. Buckaboo Farm works directly with Dr. Theo Derksen, our favorite poultry veterinarian, who specializes in chicken care. Dr. Theo helps us with things like biosecurity, vaccinations, deworming, and troubleshooting any health problems that pop up. We have also collected from the best breeders all over the country to give our birds the strongest possible genetic foundation, and we are constantly adding new genetics to the mix. Our breeding goal is to build onto that genetic foundation by selecting for things like temperament, beauty, egg color, and health. If you have any issues with your order we will do our best to make things right, replacing or refunding as needed! We hope you enjoy these amazing creatures that have been bred with love!