Buckaboo Farm on NBC News!
Buckaboo Farm on NBC News!

Buckaboo Farm on NBC News!

Working with the cameraman from NBC LA. I’ve been working hard to keep that yard clean with all this rain!

Well, friends, I’ve achieved the lifelong goal of being more famous than my children! Just playing, but I wanted to share that Buckaboo Farm was on NBC LA news tonight! Here’s the link to the story!


Today we were also featured in a Chinese news article at the following link. Not gonna lie…I don’t really know what it says, but my friend has translated some for me and the title is HILARIOUS! I wanna know where my gold mine is!? The pictures in this article are fun!


Beaky was so proud to be the one chicken from the entire flock that got to be held for the interview! She’s such a sweet, pretty girl! She hatched from an egg I got from Fielder Farm, and is the rockstar of our laced satin pen. Normally her feet are very fluffy, but she was a bit muddy from the rain when I took this pic!

It’s super interesting how both Covid and now the egg shortage have affected people’s desire to have more control over their food sources. As a culture America depends heavily on industrial farming for most of our food, and in times of crisis or emergency we’ve started to see how scary that actually can be! Beyond this fear of losing necessary food and other resources, I think it’s also important to understand the impact industrial farming has on the planet, as well on the animals that are a part of the system. When you start to do a little bit of digging and research it is honestly obscene. Part of our goal at Buckaboo Farm is to connect with others who want to have more control over where their food comes from, so that we can learn from each other and help each other. I believe that God made humans to be stewards of His beautiful creation, and unfortunately the primary goal of most large industries is money. Let’s shift that perspective from money to overall well being for humans, animals, and the planet. I encourage you all to do some research, and start with terms like permaculture, regenerative farming, no till farming, industrial farming, meat industry, chicken farming, honey bees, pollinators, and single crop farming. Consider what changes you can make in your own life to encourage positive change, even on a tiny scale! Think about how you can use what you have to get what you need…that’s a basic concept of permaculture!

I tend to avoid sharing pictures of myself. Some of my chronic diseases have made it really difficult to wear make up, and any kind of earring, because I flare up. Since I actually wore both make up and earrings today I decided to share. I have a very sweet husband, who compliments me profusely, and is just the best guy ever, so I’m not super insecure, but I would rather share chicken pics, instead of selfies! On a side note: Here’s a shout out to all my fellow T1Ds! I wore that short sleeved shirt on purpose!