Buckaboo F1 Olive Eggers (First Generation)
Buckaboo F1 Olive Eggers (First Generation)

Buckaboo F1 Olive Eggers (First Generation)

Hi Buckaboo friends! Your chicks or eggs can be reserved by ordering them online. I do not take waitlists, except for DNA tested silkies and satins, so if you’d like to adopt the bird or birds we’ve discussed please order them when I send you the link or at least within the day. I do my best to keep track of all the conversations I get to have with all my favorite chicken people, but my brain can’t quite remember them all. I also have hundreds of inquiries and many people changing their minds, so I don’t generally hold birds, unless you’ve paid for them. Once you’ve ordered online we can arrange a time for pick up!

Olive egger refers to any chicken that has a combination of blue and brown egg genetics, so they can come in many different colors, sizes, and feather types!  F1 olive eggers have one parent with 2 copies of the blue egg gene, and the other parent has 2 copies of the brown egg gene.  At Buckaboo Farm we offer 2 types of F1 crosses: Legbar x Welsummer, or Legbar x Black Copper Marans.  These girls almost always lay green eggs.  The specific shade depends on the breed of the parents, and ours tend to be a nice deep shade of green with beautiful speckles. The Legbar x BCM are black, sometimes with copper hackles, while the Legbar x Welsummer look like cream legbars, but just a little darker.  Both tend to inherit the head poof from the legbar.  Please note that if you want super dark olives you should get a back cross.  You can read about them here.

We’ve also included our minty green egg layers on this page, because they are genetically a cross between brown and blue egg parents. These girls will lay a lighter green that isn’t really true olive colored.

Eggs and chickens are counted as in stock if I believe they will be available within the next few weeks, but I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” right!? Well I can’t count my straight run chickens before they hatch, and I also can’t count my females for most breeds even after they hatch for at least a few weeks. I will do my best to fill orders asap, but need a bit of flexibility with timing! Please let me know if you run into any problems with online ordering, and also feel free to reach out with any questions or requests. You can text or email Tiffany at 949-922-1373, or Tiffany@buckaboofarm.com. Local pickup is free, and shipping for eggs is $30/dozen. We do ship chicks up to 8 weeks old, as well. The cost for shipping live birds is $60 within CA, $75 within the continental US to cover postage and supplies.

Fertile Hatching Eggs

F1 Olive Egger Chickens (Pullet Means Young Female)

Buckaboo Farm offers Olive Egger Pullets for those of you who really only want to keep hens.  The price varies based on how old they are when you bring them home. Living in Southern California means there are lots of people and neighbors around, who do not want to listen to the song of the male chicken people!  The younger pullets should not be put in a coop with older birds until they’re big enough to be safe with the full grown ladies.  Some of the 1-2 month olds will also still need a heat source, depending on the weather. I like to keep my grow outs that are big enough to be out of a brooder, but too small to be let loose in the yard, in a coup next to the older chickens, with a heat plate or lamp that I can plug in at night.  That way when they transition into the flock they’re already fairly used to each other.  Check out How to Raise Chickens for more information! I will be adding more articles as soon as possible!

If you want more information on how olive egger genetics work check out our shop page for olive egger back crosses, Ross the Chocolate Egger Rooster’s Pen and Joey the Sky Egger Rooster’s Pen.