Chicken Keeper’s Guide
Chicken Keeper’s Guide

Chicken Keeper’s Guide

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years, since I became a chicken keeper! If you need tips, supplies, and general “how to” information, this is the page for you! Simply click on the following links for loads of information! If you can’t click on the link yet, don’t worry…I will be adding to this guide as time permits! Feel free to email me questions!

You may not even know where to start, so hopefully the following article will be helpful!

How Do I Start My Flock!?

Baby Chicks: Prep, Buying, and Care

Pullets and Cockerels (Teenagers)

  • Determine Gender
  • Set up the Coop and Run
  • Transition from Brooder to Coop
  • When will They Lay and What Should I Do!?

From Point of Lay (POL) to Elderly

  • Cleaning and Maintaining the Coop and Run
  • Chicken Feed, Treats, Water, and Vitamins
  • Prevention and Management of Poultry Diseases
  • Prevention and Management of Pests