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Beauty and Rainbow Eggs

Beauty and Rainbow Eggs

Why did you join the backyard chicken club? Were you attracted to the fluffy baby chicks? Did you want to grow your own food? Did you want to teach your children the boundless life lessons that come from caring for animals? When I bought chickens I was driven by all of these factors. What I didn’t know was that God has created a vast variety of chicken and egg colors and types. I thought both eggs and chickens were either brown or white. Once I started digging a little deeper, however, I discovered the world of silkies, rainbow eggs, and the endless array of patterns and feathers! Chicken keeping is truly a beautiful thing!

My goal in turning Buckaboo Farm into more than a hobby was not just about selling chickens. I want to share the beauty of God’s creation. I want to build a community of people who enjoy cultivating this beauty. This page is for those of you who simply love the beauty. I’m going to create a gallery of beautiful rainbow eggs, farms, chickens, and dogs, and I need your help! If you have a picture you want to share with this page please email it to me at Tiffany@buckaboofarm.com. I will select only the most beautiful or fun photos and plan to include a caption about you or your farm, and a link to your website or social media page if you’d like.

Rainbow Eggs

Farm Yard Beauty

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