Buckaboo Farm
Meet the Flock

Meet the Flock

We have filled our chicken yard with beautiful chickens that lay beautiful eggs! I’m kind of an online chicken stalker, and love to see lots of pictures of chickens from my favorite breeders, like Alchemist Farm, Swanky Silkies, Fielder Farm, and Sky Girl Farm. I knew when we decided to convert our hobby farm into a business that I would need to include a page about our rock stars at Buckaboo Farm, just in case there are other chicken stalkers out there, like me! I’ve talked to a lot of you and am well aware that I am not the only crazy chicken person, so I hope you enjoy these introductions! Check back here often, because we will keep adding more of our chickens to the list! Feel free to ask questions or request chicks from these cuties!


Olive Eggers

Sky Eggers

Chocolate Eggers