Bantam Barnyard Mix Pullets
Bantam Barnyard Mix Pullets

Bantam Barnyard Mix Pullets


Bantam Barnyard Mix Pullets

Mareks Vaccinated

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These bantam barnyard mix pullets are sweet with a side of spicy!  They’re descended from the famous…or infamous…Miss Crap Bag, who is extremely sweet and snuggly with humans, but won’t put up with any trouble from her flock mates, regardless of how big they are! Miss Bag is about a third of the size of normal chickens, but she struts around the yard like she owns the place. If a rooster tries to corral her into his coop she swiftly puts him in his place and simply jumps the fencing to find a more suitable address.  She also loves to hatch a clutch of eggs and be a mama, attempting to scare off any perceived dangers by crowing.  If you want to read more about Miss Bag you can click on this link.

Babies in the line of Miss Crap Bag are generally mixed with roosters in the Norbert Pen.  They will lay small cream colored eggs 4-5 days a week during laying periods, but tend to go broody a lot.  We will guarantee gender, offering a refund or exchange if you accidentally receive a rooster.

If you do not know how to care for chickens please do your research before ordering!  We have lots of information on our Chicken Keepers Guide page, and will be adding chicken keeping courses on our Online Chicken Keeping Courses page as we release them.

Please note that this product will be marked as in stock when we believe we will have some available within the next couple of months.  We do not have a waitlist for these birds, but feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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