F1 Olive Egger Pullets Legbar x BCM
F1 Olive Egger Pullets Legbar x BCM

F1 Olive Egger Pullets Legbar x BCM


Female F1 Olive Eggers Legbar x BCM

Mareks Vaccinated

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Olive egger refers to any chicken that has a combination of blue and brown egg genetics, so they can come in many different colors, sizes, and feather types!  F1 olive eggers have one parent with 2 copies of the blue egg gene, and the other parent has 2 copies of the brown egg gene.  At Buckaboo Farm we offer 2 types of F1 crosses: Legbar x Welsummer, or Legbar x Black Copper Marans.  These girls almost always lay green eggs.  The specific shade depends on the breed of the parents, and ours tend to be a nice deep shade of green with beautiful speckles. The Legbar x BCM are black, sometimes with copper hackles, while the Legbar x Welsummer look similar to cream legbars, but are a bit bigger.  Both tend to inherit the head poof from the legbar.  Please note that if you want super dark olives you should get a back cross.  You can read about them here.

This order link is for Legbar x BCM, which are sexable at hatch.  All of the girls will be born with solid black down, and all of the boys will have a white spot on their head, so we can offer females of all ages!  All of our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks soon after they hatch!  If you do not know how to care for baby chicks please do your research before ordering!  We have lots of information on our Chicken Keepers Guide page, and will be adding chicken keeping courses on our Online Chicken Keeping Courses page as we release them.

Please note that this product will be marked as in stock when we believe we will have some available within the next couple of months.  We do not have a waitlist for these birds, but feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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