Opal Legbar Pullets
Opal Legbar Pullets

Opal Legbar Pullets


Opal Legbar Pullets

Mareks Vaccinated Females

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Opal legbars are a fairly new color variety of the legbar breed.  These birds are absolutely beautiful, with light salmon shading on their chests, silvery blue on the rest of their bodies, and subtle barring.  The opals have maintained that awesome legbar trait of being sexable at hatch, so we can get you tiny baby girls for this breed!  The lavender plumage gene that causes the lighter color is recessive, and it requires extra care in order to keep the feathers of the birds healthy.  For this reason, opal legbars cost a little bit more than our other sky eggers.  These girls will grow up to lay beautiful turquoise eggs.  Our opal legbar roosters have been genetically tested, so we can verify that all of their babies will receive a copy of the blue egg gene!  Since this shade of legbar is new to the chicken world they tend to be very costly, even at hatcheries.  Please note that ours cost significantly less than what you would pay most other places.

All of our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks soon after they hatch!  If you do not know how to care for chickens please do your research before ordering!  We have lots of information on our Chicken Keepers Guide page, and will be adding chicken keeping courses on our Online Chicken Keeping Courses page as we release them.

Please note that this product will be marked as in stock when we believe we will have some available within the next couple of months.  We do not have a waitlist for these birds, but feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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