Silkie and Satin Fertile Eggs
Silkie and Satin Fertile Eggs

Silkie and Satin Fertile Eggs


Silkie and Satin Fertile Eggs 1 Dozen or 1/2 Dozen

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Silkies and satins are some of our favorite birds here on the farm! We are breeding them for ginormous fluff levels, sweet temperament, and fun colors.  Please notice that we sell eggs by breeding pens, which are made up of similar color groups, not one particular color.  We offer a variety of feather types, including silked, satin, frizzled, straight, and naked neck (also known as showgirls).  The pens are mostly organized by color, not feather type, so we cannot guarantee exactly what kind of feathers you’ll get from our silkie/satin hatching eggs. The only pen that does not include satins at this point is Latte, Beskar, and Mando’s pen.  If you’re hoping for laced satins or satin frizzles your best bet will be eggs from Fozzy and Faramir’s pen.

At Buckaboo Farm we are committed to doing our very best to provide you with chickens.  We understand that hatching eggs can be a bit tricky, especially if they are shipped!  If you have less than a 25% hatch rate on eggs that are either shipped or picked up, we will try again and just ask for the cost of shipping if needed.  This promise is for 25% of the eggs you ordered, so if you ordered 12 and less than 3 hatch we will try again.  It does not apply to the extras (for example if we send you 14 eggs on an order for a dozen, 25% of what you paid for is still 3).  There are a lot of factors we cannot control during shipping, as well as with the hatching process for each customer.  Most breeders do not guarantee any kind of hatch rate for fertile eggs.  We know the possible heartache of the shipped eggs experience, and want to help!  If you would like to learn more about hatching eggs and become an expert, we recommend the Buckaboo How to Hatch Eggs online course.  It covers everything from determining egg fertility, to hatch day, to setting up your brooder.  You’ll even learn how to prep and administer the Mareks vaccine.

Please note that this product will be marked as in stock when we believe we will have some available within the next couple of months.  We do not have waitlists, but hope to keep them in stock from February to October.  Feel free to send a message if you have questions.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 8 in

1 Dozen, 1/2 Dozen


Norbert and Fluffy, Latte and Beskar, Won-Won, Fozzy and Faramir, Mixed


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