Straight Run Silkie and Satin Chicks
Straight Run Silkie and Satin Chicks

Straight Run Silkie and Satin Chicks


Straight Run Silkie and Satin Chicks

Mareks Vaccinated

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Silkies and satins are some of our favorite birds here on the farm! We are breeding them for ginormous fluff levels, sweet temperament, and fun colors.  Our pens are organized by color type, so if you place an order please take a peek at our breeding pens and let us know what colors you’d like!  We also offer a variety of feather types, including silked, satin, frizzled, straight, and naked neck (also known as showgirls).

These are straight run chicks, which means we do not know the gender.  You will most likely get a mix of males and females.  We do not take roosters back if you purchase straight run chicks.  All of our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks soon after they hatch!  If you do not know how to care for baby chicks please do your research before ordering!  Silkie chicks are more sensitive than our other breeds, and we highly recommend giving them medicated start and grow at this age, as well as keeping them inside as long as possible.  We have lots of information on our Chicken Keepers Guide page, and will be adding chicken keeping courses on our Online Chicken Keeping Courses page as we release them.

Please note that this product will be marked as in stock when we believe we will have some available within the next couple of months.  We do not have a waitlist for these birds, but feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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