Ross the Chocolate Egger Rooster’s Pen
Ross the Chocolate Egger Rooster’s Pen

Ross the Chocolate Egger Rooster’s Pen

Ross the rooster is a very handsome young black copper marans rooster. He carries homozygous genes for chocolate brown eggs, so all of his ladies will have at least 1 dark brown egg gene. Ross is joined by his doppleganger, Russ, in this pen. If you’re familiar with the Friends show you’ll appreciate our humor here! The girls in with these boys include Phoebe the black copper marans (bcm) hen, as well as some other bcm pullets bred right here on the farm with genetics from Skygirl Farm and The Olive Egg. We also have some olive egger hens and pullets in the pen, who will give us olive egger back cross babies that lay shades of dark green and brown. Rounding out the pen are some blue egg laying girls, who will give us F1, or first generation, olive eggers. See below for a more detailed descriptions of what you can expect from this pen!

BCM Eggs

Pure black copper marans lay the darkest brown eggs in the egg rainbow. They also tend to have speckles!

Blue and Olive Eggs

The babies that come from Ross and the blue egger ladies will be first generation olive eggers. First generation (aka F1) olive eggers receive one blue egg color gene and one brown egg color gene from their parents. Almost 100% of these girls will grow up to lay olive colored eggs, and some will have a beautiful heavy bloom. At Buckaboo Farm we are selecting for vibrant egg colors, so the blue egg laying girls are providing a great foundation for the olive egger babies. We expect some really great F1 olive eggers from this pen!

Olive Egger Back Crosses

Most of the olive eggers on our farm lay beautiful speckled olive eggs! The egg on the left is from Cloud, and the egg above and to the right is from Cici. When we cross these girls with the chocolate roos 50% of the baby pullets will grow up to lay dark olive eggs, and 50% will grow up to lay dark or rosy brown eggs. This cross is less predictable than the F1 olive egger babies, but we will end up with some very cool shades of green and brown! They will likely be speckled, as well. As we continue to back cross our olive eggers we expect more unique shades of green, brown, purple, and even grey to show up.