Buckaboo Farm
The Buckaboo Commitment

The Buckaboo Commitment

At Buckaboo Farm we are committed to provide you with beautiful and unique chickens. Whether it is through hatching eggs, day old chicks, or started pullets we are working hard to make your chicken adopting experience smooth and fun! It is important to us to make sure your chickens are healthy, and that you receive what you ordered. If there is a mistake with your order from our end, we will do what we can to make it right.

The Buckaboo Commitment means a few things:

1: If you order a female that turns out to be a male we will replace it and rehome your rooster if you cannot keep him. If you buy straight run babies or hatch eggs from us, we will not take back any unwanted roosters.

2: If your chicks are sick within the first week or 2 after you receive them we will help you treat them, and replace if needed.

3: We provide lots of information to get you started, both on our Chicken Keepers Guide page, and in various other places throughout the site. We are also releasing online courses that are designed to teach you everything from hatching eggs, to helping an elderly chicken live out their life happily.

4: All of our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks.

5: If you have a less than 25% hatch rate on hatching eggs from us we will give you more, and just ask for the cost of shipping. This promise is for 25% of what you ordered, so if you order 12 and receive 14 from us we will try again if you don’t have 3 hatchlings. Most breeders won’t guarantee any hatch rate for eggs, because there are so many factors involved that are out of the breeder’s control, especially if the eggs are shipped. We encourage you to take our course How to Hatch Eggs, which will help you become an egg hatching expert.

6: We only keep nice roosters, which means that most of the babies from Buckaboo Farm will have a sweet temperament.

Managing Expectations

At Buckaboo Farm we are working very hard to fulfill our commitment to our customers, but since we are working with live animals please remember that there is a lot that we cannot control. For example, exact egg color is not something we can guarantee. Our chickens lay beautiful and interesting shades, but we obviously can’t control what shade of blue, green, brown, white, or cream comes out. Exact temperament is another trait we cannot guarantee, though we do our best to breed sweet chickens. Egg color and temperament are only 2 of many things we can’t control (when your chicken will start laying eggs, how many girls hatch, how your particular flock will interact with our chickens, etc)!

Please also remember that our primary job is to provide you with chickens. We are not qualified to provide you with veterinary services. If your bird is sick please do your own research or call a veterinarian. We love Dr. Theo Derksen, and you can call or text him at 949-416-3954. As mentioned above, if you have health problems with your birds within the first couple weeks of adopting them we will do our best to help you. After that please do your own research.

If you are a new chicken keeper or have a lot of questions on how to hatch eggs and raise chickens we’ve provided you with many answers right here on the website, and we are working hard to provide you with detailed courses to teach you what we’ve learned from thousands of hours and dollars invested in breeding, raising, and sharing chickens. There is also a lot of breed specific information right here on our site, especially if you look at the links on the shop page! The head chicken keeper, Tiffany, spends 10-12 hours most days working on the farm, so if you have questions please do your best to find answers that are already on our site, or find other resources. You can learn a lot on backyardchickens.com, and there are lots of groups of chicken lovers you can find on Facebook.