Raising Chicks
Raising Chicks

Raising Chicks

You may have gone to your local feed store, ordered online from a fancy breeder, or hatched your own eggs at home.  Now you have a box full of squeaky fluff balls and you want to do your best to raise them well!  This course will help you become an expert chick parent, and teach you to bring your babies from tiny chirps into healthy, happy 5 month old juveniles that are ready to play in the adult coop! At the end of Raising Chicks you will know how to do the following:

  1. Support a mama hen if you are having her raise chicks
  2. Set up your brooder if you are raising them
  3. Prepare and administer the Mareks and Fowl Pox vaccines
  4. Teach your babies to eat and drink
  5. Give your chicks the correct food and water supplements
  6. Make age appropriate modifications to your brooder and feeding systems as the chicks grow
  7. Determine gender of your chicks
  8. Troubleshoot health problems
  9. Avoid common chick diseases
  10. Put together a chick first aid kit to keep onhand for emergencies
  11. Deal with bullying and other negative interactions
  12. Transition juveniles into the chicken yard
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Level: Beginner

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